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Green Certified Bed & Breakfast

In April 2006 the Graycote Inn became the first  lodging property of any type on Mt. Desert Island to satisfy the requirements of the Green Lodging Certification Program of the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.  The certification recognizes the Inn’s standing as an Environmental Leader in the hospitality sector. The Graycote Inn was only the ninth lodging property in Maine to achieve this certification. It was the first MDI business of any type to receive certification.

Every two years each certified property must demonstrate to the Department of Environmental Protection that it has improved its performance with regard to environmental stewardship. After doing so the property is recertified. The Graycote Inn has received this recertification in 2008 and 2011.

Certification recognizes a high level of environmental consciousness in reducing pollution, minimizing water and energy use, and engaging in environmental education.  Pollution is reduced by such practices as using non-polluting cleaning products, eliminating Styrofoam food containers, composting, buying products in bulk rather than single-use packages, and recycling paper, glass, plastic, and metal.

Water use is  reduced using water conserving fixtures in sinks, toilets, and showers as well as by avoiding unnecessary water use outdoors. Energy use is reduced by installing high efficiency furnaces and air conditioning units, and energy-efficient lighting.

 Environmental education is practiced passively by serving as an example to the traveling public and actively by providing guests with access to educational materials.

Stay with an Environmental Leader!

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