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Acadia National Park and the Sequester
Contrary to some reports, Acadia National Park is not closed.

Acadia National Park is open 24/7/365 although much of the Park Loop Road is closed to private cars during the winter and early spring months. The Cadillac Mountain Road is closed during this period as well. Two sections of the Park Loop Road are kept open for private cars year-round:

  1. Ocean Drive between Schooner Head and Otter Cliffs. This section of the Park Loop Road provides access to the most dramatic shoreline on Mt. Desert Island - Sand Beach, Thunder Hole, and Otter Cliffs.

  2. A section of the Park Loop Road providing access to the south end of Jordan Pond. This provides convenient access for skiing, snowshoeing, or hiking in the Park interior.

Access to these two sections of the Loop Road is gained from town roads. Details can be found here.

Most of the roads on Mt. Desert Island belong to either the State of Maine or one of the four municipalities (Bar Harbor, Mt. Desert, Southwest Harbor or Tremont). These roads are kept open at all times and provide convenient access to most of Acadia National Park.

Phased Reopening of Park Service Roads in 2013

The full Park Loop Road and Cadillac Mountain Road normally reopen on April 15. Due to the sequester on U.S. Government funding the National Park Service funding has been reduced along with that of nearly all government agencies. As a consequence Acadia National Park has decided to postpone the reopening of the rest of the auto roads. The reopening will take place in stages:

Cadillac Mountain Road - Reopens May 11

Full Park Loop Road - Reopens May 17

Hulls Cove Visitors Center - Reopens May 19

You can monitor the situation by consulting alerts published on the Park's web site -

For walkers and bicyclists April and most of May will be a great time to visit the Park since the closed portions of the Park Loop Road will be auto-free.

Please feel free to call the Graycote at 207-288-3044 if you have questions about how this change in schedule may affect your plans for enjoying Acadia National Park. Roger and Pat will be happy to talk with you.


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